"Andy has been giving my son lessons for almost 2 years, and with his guidance and encouragement my son's piano skills have dramatically improved and become quite impressive. Andy is a very patient instructor and also makes the lessons fun. He isn't scary or intimidating as some piano teachers seem to be. He gives my son creative assignments that are geared specifically for his skill set and thinks outside the box compared to traditional piano lessons. He also makes it very convenient by doing the lessons virtually. Overall, highly recommended."

- Jeff


“Working with Andy has been an absolute joy! As an adult with little piano and musical experience, Andy has really helped me express my musical side. His lessons are always exciting, easy to follow, informative, and most of all fun! He has helped me achieve my desire of playing the piano, and each day I look forward to playing new melodies with the sheet music provided. In other words, no matter your age or experience, Andy has something for you.”

– Joe


"I’m an adult student and Andy has been my teacher for over a year now. You cannot find a more friendly and enthusiastic teacher! He’s a very talented musician that adjusts the lessons based on your wants and needs and is extremely accommodating. He answers any and every question with great explanations and examples and makes sure that you don’t just memorize but understand the reasons as well. He’s a teacher I would recommend to anyone no matter their age!"

- Nicky


"When my daughter started, she was brand new to music lessons and had never even tried to play an instrument. Now she reads notes, plays a wide variety of songs, and has a whole new appreciation for music! Andy keeps my daughter motivated, engaged, and excited to learn by really tailoring his instruction to her interests and needs. Excellent piano teacher. Thank you Andy!"

- Michelle


"When my son started showing interest in the piano I knew it was time to start lessons. Andy has been great at turning a simple interest into a new ability. Our son is six now and I feel like he is better than me. He is able to recreate songs he hears as well as a little bit of free style. He's no Mozart of course, but Andy's patience and consistent training and encouragement have come a long way. I highly recommend him."

- Tim


“Andy is amazing!
I absolutely love his style of teaching. I don’t feel rushed. He is very patient, and makes things a lot easy for anyone at any age to learn. So good! One of the best teachers I know.

Currently teaching both my son and I and he has done an incredibly great job. Very passionate about music.”

– Ntambo


"I am really enjoying working with Andy. He has really inspired to get back on the piano!"

- Beatrice


"Andy is a great piano teacher. He is very well knowledgeable about a variety of music. He works hard to make sure you understand what he is teaching and he always answers questions. He makes sure you are having fun and teaches you the music you would like to play."

- Jordan


"Great to work with Andy. He is very good with newbies especially kids."

- Argha


"Andy is a thoughtful teacher who clearly spends considerable time figuring out how to tailor the lesson to the needs of the student. He combines rhythm activities and note reading and theory in ways that are fun, and creative, and help keep young students engaged and excited to learn. In the several months since my seven-year-old started, he reads music better than I do, but more importantly, he loves playing on the piano."

- Melissa


"Andy was great on his first lesson with my grandson. Grandson is thrilled to be taking lessons from Andy."

- Tammi


"Andy has been an amazing piano teacher for my son these last couple years. He is patient, kind, and extremely knowledgeable! He has been so flexible with our crazy schedule and has even offered extra assignments when we are not able to meet. I highly recommend Andy as a piano teacher!"

- Emily


“Andy instructed both my teenage daughter and me. He is punctual, warm, unhurried, accommodating and flexible. He is clearly passionate about music and wants to impart both enjoyment and skills.”

– Kristine


"Andy has been a GREAT piano teacher for our kids and has the patience and flexibility you are looking for in a music teacher!"

- John


"Our three kids, although very different in their learning styles and personalities, all enjoy learning with Mr. Andy. Our youngest was still in preschool when she asked to start with online lessons. (It was during the pandemic, and she was fascinated by watching her siblings play.) Neither of us play, so we weren't sure, but Mr. Andy let her try, and now she can play two-handed songs with complex rhythms. Very impressive."

- Stephanie

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